The BFT.

This is no ordinary T shirt.

The Benninaturals breastfeeding T is a custom made garment, created specifically to your measurements, so you can be assured of a great fit. Are you tall? Petite?  We’ve got you covered. (The BFT in the photo is a petite version.) Your BFT will be just the length you need it to be. Sleeves can be short, three-quarter, or long – you decide.

Made from high quality stretch jersey or French terry, your BFT will wash and wear beautifully, so you can feel good about your look, and still breastfeed easily without having to reveal more than you want. It has an inner front “camisole”, with an overlapping cropped panel. When worn, on a plain fabric the panel is discreet; on a print fabric,  it almost disappears.

Fabric choices? Tell me what you want! Some of the fabrics on the site are available for the BFT, but if you want something you don’t see, just let me know.

Sizes available: 76-122cm (30″-48″) chest


Jersey: £40

French Terry: £45